Dat Stuff Relaunch


Dat Stuff, previously known as All Dat Stuff, has been a favourite for many vapers around the world since 2016!

This range was kicked off at The Vaper Expo 2016 October and was instantly popular for its uniqueness of flavour and then the story began…

As you have realised, the Doctor loves to keep the designs fresh, so he choose to update them from time to time… (and sometimes update the flavours too)

One of the reasons for switching from our old ‘custom bottles’ was because the previous Chubby Gorilla bottles were challenging to apply a Nic Shot to, so we made it nice and easy by introducing those bottles. But hey! The Gorillas introduced the v3 bottles, which we absolutely fell in love with them and also used them for our infamous range ‘The Panther Series’

Dat Stuff was a range of 4 different flavours, but when it was recently relaunched at the Vapers Lifestyle Expo this year, they became 5 with the addition of Dat Punch Stuff – A Cherry Fruit Punch… Served as a Slush Puppie

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